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Faith Songok July 1, 2022


The department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development, is continuously reviewing the operational strategies of its primary farmer cooperative societies to ensure the frameworks in place are sustainable and are fine tuned to develop the production and profitability capacity of these institutions, with focus on improving the production process.

It is on this mandate that on Tuesday, the department through the directorate of Co-operative Development in partnership with National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA CLUSA), led the Nandi Cooperative Dairy Union to assess the measure of performance of the strategies the Union acquired from Meru Cooperative Dairy Union, during a benchmark session on February this year.

Review in Progress

In accordance with which, the union customized the proven techniques to match the needs of their producer cooperatives and had them apply and add to their standard production processes, so as to achieve a competitive advantage.

Nandi Cooperative Dairy Union Chairman, Dr. Abraham Rugut.

Key takeaways that the union continues to implement centres around; timely payment plan to member farmers, accountability of leaders on matters milk production in their responsible zones,quality feed production and management training to farmers through establishing demo plots, providing farmer members with quality seeds by establishing seed multiplication plots and empowering farmers on the skill as a means to source more from them, establishing a breeding strategy to match the strengths of the different catchment areas in Nandi ,performing regulatory and policy functions without improper political interferences, develop policies that will support youth and women mainstreaming in the dairy sector, record keeping for identification and traceability, extensively exploring and using the available technical support from the County Government and collaborative partnerships, establishing a Nandi Cooperative forum to share knowledge and come up with solutions to challenges the farmer co-operatives face as a block, and to strengthen the ties between the directorate of Co-operative Development and the union in liasing with primary cooperatives.

The Chief officer Cooperative Development, Dr. Benadatte Tiony, stated the set action plans the department has, towards supporting the union towards a superior business position in the region and on maintaining accountability to the administrative wishes of the farmer cooperatives.

Chief Officer Cooperative Development, Dr. Benadatte Tiony addressing the meeting.

Present were Nandi Dairy Union officials, Co-operative officers, and NCBA CLUSA country directors.

NCBA CLUSA Country Director, Ms. Lydia Omamo speaking during the review


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