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Mitchelle Jelimo April 2, 2019


Universal health coverage means that individuals and communities get access to primary health services.This involves equitable rights for everyone to access health services regardless of the economic class. It also advocates for quality of health services in a society. 

The goal to achieve universal health care coverage aims at achieving the sustainable development goal on promoting well being and healthy lives   for all the individuals.

In a bid to increase access to healthcare services at the community level, the Beyond Zero team  conducted a free mobile clinic at Songoliet in Kilibwoni Ward,Emgwen Sub County. The main aim of this mobile clinic is to bring the medical services closer to the residents. In addition it helps people living a far from the major clinics access medication

The residents of Songoliet were able to receive free medical services including blood pressure test and free consultation. Those who visited the mobile clinic were treated and given medication for their ailments.

Those seeking medical attention were drawn from Songoliet Primary School and Songoliet locality. During this exercise, 77 Pre primary 1 and 2 pupils from Songoliet Primary School were dewormed and given multi-vitamin supplements while 110 patients received free consultation.

Other medical services provided include treatment on Ear Nose and Throat infection, stomach infections and  care for wounds.


Sally Ng’etich, a resident of Songoliet, expressed satisfaction after receiving free medical services. She commended the County Government for this initiative where services reach the residents at the community level. She also added that the mobile clinic is important because it eases the medical costs and transportation fee to the nearest health facility.

Reaching out to the community with the help of the Beyond Zero efforts have resulted in a drop in maternal mortality rate since it’s inception through continuous and consistent advocacy. 


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