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Hillary Kemmey October 23, 2023


Deputy County Secretary today hosted a team from Nuclear Power and Energy Agency led by Ag.CEO Justus Wabuyabo where they discussed at length various ways the Agency and county government are going to benefit from each other.

Deputy County Secretary Lydia Kosgei hosting Nuclear Power and Energy Agency Ag.CEO Justus Wabuyabo.

The Agency is in the county to seek views on how they are going to introduce the alternative source of energy to common mwanachi through nuclear.

The introduction of nuclear energy as emphasized by the Agency Ag. CEO will go along way in easing the burden of energy cost thus causing the reduction of cost of living.

While addressing the meeting, Deputy County Secretary Dr Lydia Kosgei maintain that there is need to embrace nuclear energy as it will not only provides power but also largely addresses the climate change adversities, by reducing carbon and greenhouse emissions.

On his part Mr. Jonah Biwot Chief officer Water, Environment, Energy and Climate Change reiterated that nuclear energy will not only uniquely able to provide and abundant supply of clean and cheap energy, but also offers a pathway to lift communities out of poverty through access to basic needs.

Mr. Jonah Biwot Chief officer Water, Environment, Energy and Climate Change discussing areas of interest with the team.

The Agency Ag. CEO assured the meeting of more collaborations as it seeks to partner with county government through Technical Institutions and Vocational Training (TIVETS) to provide more skills on nuclear energy.

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