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Peter Koima January 31, 2024


Yesterday marked the commencement of a mass Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) vaccination drive in Kabongwa, Chepterit, Segut, Masaba, Kapkibimbir, and Kunurter Cattle Dips within Chesumei Sub County.
Dairy farmers are urged to present their animals for vaccination to help stem the spread of Foot and Mouth disease. The County Government of Nandi, through the Department of Agriculture, is tirelessly working to protect the interests of farmers.
Participate in the vaccination exercise to ensure your livestock are safeguarded against Foot and Mouth disease. Today, vaccinations will be conducted in the following areas:
– Kosirai Cattle Dip
– Belekenya Cattle Dip
– Karlel Cattle Dip
– Kaptildil Cattle Dip
– Kapsasuron Cattle Dip
– Kapng’etuny Crush
Spread the word among farmers to ensure widespread participation. Details of the vaccination program in all 29 wards will be shared soon.

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