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Phoebe Jeruto April 30, 2019


County Public service sub sector through the human resource section have conducted human resource audit for the ECDE teachers employed by the County Government of Nandi in all the wards across the County.

This is a routine exercise by the county as a human resource management technique in ensuring that the employees information is up to date and with the relevant documentations. This enhances efficient documentation of human resource information.

This practice helps the sub sector in updating staff information which acts an an enabler in identifying the staff needs, the possible points of improvement and the appropriate strategies for enhancement. It is also a tool in performance management as well as monitoring and evaluating compliance to human resource policies and employment regulations.


ECDE Teachers submit their credentials for verificationThe director human resource, John Keter, while speaking to the ECDE teachers from
O’llesos and Chepkunyuk Ward in a forum held at Mogoon Social Hall, said that the public service sub sector is keen in ensuring that the staff welfare is looked into. He further added that the audit report will enable the department to identify any gaps and take necessary action to ensure effectiveness in the delivery of services.


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