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Edward Sanga November 9, 2023


In 2019, County government of Nandi initiated the rehabilitation of the Kapkongony swamp in Kipchunu sub-location, Chesumei constituency, covering a vast 72 acres that had previously been converted to farms. The ongoing farming activities necessitated strategic efforts for the swamp’s preservation, prompting plans for its fencing to prevent further encroachment.

Acknowledging the commitment to environmental conservation, the office of the First Lady pledged support by donating tree seedlings. Arnold Kipchumba, a representative, presented a comprehensive list of fulfilled responsibilities, including the provision of tree seedlings for the upcoming event.

The county government, represented by the Chief Officer and Director, assured their active involvement and confirmed the allocation of necessary resources.

Chief Officer Jonah Biwott leading the delegation way forward deliberations on the initiative to rehabilitate Kapkongony swamp.

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