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Phoebe Jeruto April 30, 2019



ACAL is a consultancy firm engaged by the ministry of Transport, Infrustructure, Housing, Urban development and public works under Kenya Urban Support Program to conduct needs assessment for municipalities in the county. Kapsabet Municipality having been recently established is still in formative stage and therefore, such assessments help in operationalizing various functions as per ‘Kapsabet Municipality charter’.

The two day assessment programme involved needs and preparedness assessment for the aspects of urban spatial plans, spatial data assessment, urban IDePs, urban policy statements, capacity assessment, procurement and contract management for spatial planning and development control.

Nandi county is making substantial progress in the development of county spacial plan and urban plan and is in the process of contracting out the services. Such assessment help the county to know its status as well as prepare to undertake the activities of the set objectives. This assessment also helps the county to work on the weak areas so as to enable them attain the required threshold for more development funds.

The CECM for Administration, Public Service and e-government, Teresa Morogo, while chairing the assessment closing meeting, said that the county is working on various strategies that would aid in the achievement of proper urban plan and development.
These strategies include the establishment of physical planning department as per spatial planning guidelines, formulation of county development control guidelines and initialize the spatial plan preparation.

Ms. Morogo added that the department is fast tracking the disbursement of Urban Institutional Grants (UIGs) to enable the municipality build its institutional capacity.

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