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Phoebe Jeruto April 26, 2019


One of the main fuctions of the Municipality as stated in Kapsabet Municipality Charter is to undertake and promote infrustructural development and services within the municipality. Kapsabet Municipality is progressively operationalizing this function .

the county governemnt of Nandi has embarked on opening up of service lanes in Baraton shopping centre to improve accessibility as well as making a better business environment for the people.

Among other projects geared towards transforming the urban areas under the municipality include, the installation of high masts and street lights, extension of sewer lines, construction of storm water drainages, market stalls and Jua kali shades through the Kenya Urban Support program (KUSP). The first phase of these projects is under the tender process and will soon be starting.

As it vigorously pursue the development opportunities available, the Municipality is looking forward to transforming the livelihoods of its inhabitants especially in the areas covered by the municipality. These areas include Kapsabet Town, chemundu,chepterit, kaptildil, kamobo, kipture, kiminda, kipsigak and kabirirsang.

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