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Faith Songok January 10, 2020


In its mandate to delegate formation of licensing bodies to bodaboda operators and address issues affecting the sector, the county government of Nandi through the cooperative development unit today presided over the organization of the newly registered Kapsasur bodaboda savings and credit cooperative society limited.
The Sacco will enable Kapsasur bodaboda operators to apply for loans and grants from the savings which will facilitate the efficiency and convenience of their business.
Speaking during the session, sub county cooperative officer Betty Chepchumba congratulated them for the move. She stated that besides it being a major step in the reorganization of bodaboda transport at Kapsasur market centre, it will also inform their need for financial support for the improvement of their economic and social status.
The members were sensitized and guided through cooperative governance and their Sacco cooperative finance policy which was read out and discussed with members.
The Sacco has already made a registration of operators who have complied with the set agreements

sub county cooperative officer engaging with Kapsasur bodaboda operators

Kapsasur bodaboda operators

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