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Phoebe Jeruto February 28, 2019


Today the Consultants from Ministry of Devolution and planning visited Nandi County for the medium term review on the implementation of Kenya Devolution Support Program (KDSP). This involves performance assessment and measure of outcome on the use of KDSP conditional grants financed by World Bank.
KDSP provides two levels of conditional grants to the counties that attain the minimum access conditions.These grants are: Performance Grant meant to assist counties undertake capital projects and the Capacity Grant meant to build capacities to counties on identified key result areas (KRAs).
TheseĀ  KRAs identified under the capacity grants for implementation in Nandi county include: Public finance management; planning, monitoring and evaluation; human resource management; civic education and public participation; investment implementation, social and environmental performance.
The proper implementation of this program in the five Key Result Areas mention above helps strengthen capacity of the county to improve delivery of devolved services.

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