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Duncun Keter September 26, 2023

Kenya Roads Board and State Departments Unite for Promising Policy and Planning Initiatives In Counties.

In a significant stride towards enhancing transportation and infrastructure development in Nandi County, the County government of Nandi, represented by Chief Executive Committee Member (CECM) Roads and Transport Department Eng. Drice Rono, participated in a crucial consultative meeting with various state departments.

Chief Executive Committee Member (CECM), Eng. Drice Rono in Consultation with Members of the Caucus.

The meeting, focused on Policy and Planning, highlighted several positive developments that promise to improveĀ  county’s road network and overall transportation infrastructure.

Noteworthy highlights of the meeting was the commendable progress made by the Kenya Roads Board (KRB). KRB outlined its plans to allocate funds from the Road Maintenance Levy Fund (RMLF) directly to counties, including Nandi. This allocation aims to bolster road maintenance efforts at the local level, ensuring that county roads receive the attention they deserve.

Another critical aspect discussed during the meeting was the Road Inventory Conditions Survey (RICS). Armed with this information, the county can prioritize and plan road maintenance and construction projects more effectively, addressing critical areas first.

Consultation In Progress


Additionally, the meeting delved into Road Classification and Road Sector Investment Programme(RISP) which seeks to channel investments into key road projects in Counties, ensuring that the transportation network continues to improve and meet the needs of residents.

As Nandi County continues to make strides in transportation and infrastructure development, these positive outcomes from the consultative meeting pave the way for improved roads, enhanced safety, and a commitment to sustainability in Nandi.

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