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Joyce Mutai January 23, 2019

Kenya Water Towers To Improve Water Towers In The County

A team from Kenya Water Towers is in Nandi to interact with the community who are to benefit from improved livelihoods along Kibirong and King’wal wetlands that will soon be gazzetted as water towers.

The team led by Madam Vicky, will develop a document on Community development action plan bearing in mind the views of the community, how best to improve their livelihoods, economic activities to practice for instance bee keeping, carpentry, beehives made from bamboo and tree nurseries.

So far, Kamenjeywo, Kibirong wetlands stewardship and Jubilee youth groups have already been trained on vegetative propagation.
Bamboo can be used to make toothpicks,charcoal, Furniture, Paper among others.

CECM LENRCC Mr. Baliach urged the community to embrace plantation of bamboo. “Not only is bamboo eco friendly but it also boosts the livelihoods of the community after selling the finished products” he added.

Chief Officer Mr. Mang’ira asked KWT to carry out extensive research in order to know the varieties that do well in Nandi.

An acre of land can have between 185 to 200 giant bamboo seedlings to be planted and mature in 5 years time.

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