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Phoebe Jeruto February 1, 2021


The team from the State Department of Housing and Urban Planning and the Council of Governors led by Kenneth Nyaseda visited the county to assess the status of the projects under the Kenya urban support program for Kapsabet Municipality. These World Bank funded projects target Municipalities in various counties which met the minimum conditions for the access of the grants and Kapsabet is one of them.
These projects under the first funding are the Non motorized Transport facilities and urban economic infrastructure development which are nearly complete. The second funding focusses on road infrastructure upgrade. This road upgrade project is at its initial stages with designs already done and awaiting tendering.
The projects nearing completion include construction pedestrian walkway, athletic racing track, storm water drainage, sewer line extension, ablution block and passenger shades at Kapsabet bus park, jua kali shades, fabricated shades and street lighting and installation of high masts in areas under the municipality.
Speaking during an interaction with the team, the Deputy Governor, Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot pointed that as Kapsabet Municipality focusses on completing these projects, there is need to re-classify and upgrade other urban areas especially the Sub- County headquarters . “The upgrade of these urban areas will elevate the development state of the centres.” Said the Deputy Governor.
“As the county work on the full implementation of these projects, it anticipate for more funding that is set for the construction of a modern market in Kapsabet town so as to improve the business environment in Kapsabet Municipality.” Stated Teresa Morogo who is the CECM for Administration, Public Service and e-Government.
The team together with the municipality project management committee had an opportunity to visit the project sites to check on the status.
“We are pleased with the progress as compared to the previous assessment,” said Dr. Leah Oyuki from KUSP. She further calls upon the project management committee to fast track the projects to completion before the extension period expires.

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