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Faith Songok October 14, 2022


The national economic vision of the hustler economy has identified cooperative societies as socio-economic enterprises whose framework of operations is in line with the productivity and profitability model of bottom-up economics, that integrate harmonious bearings to low-income populations.

Cooperative societies have demonstrated this through their enterprise approach of pooling member resources to accommodate a low-income member with a cost-benefit platform through shared capital expenditure and sharing of risk while ensuring members’ autonomy and independence of ownership is maintained.

It is on this mandate, that the County Government of Nandi is committed to the process of finalizing policy and legislation interventions that reflect on the structure of cooperative contexts in Nandi aimed at enactment of a comprehensive Nandi County Cooperatives Development Policy and the first ever Nandi County Cooperatives Act.

These are legislative frameworks that will ensure every cooperative in Nandi has secured property rights, access to finance, and a supportive regulatory framework to actively participate in a more enabling environment stipulated on law.

On Thursday, the department of Agriculture and Cooperative development, in collaboration with global communities legislative consultants had a physical meet up to continue on the analysis of the operational legal contexts of the various cooperative activities in Nandi and build on legislative interventions that speak to Nandi cooperative interests and concepts in a way that gives legal effect to the strategic policies and legislation drafted, guided by the national cooperative law as framework to guide the regulatory reform.

Technical team in session.

Open governance and effective service delivery form the major principles that the team is basing on to ensure a robust, supportive legal backbone for a much anticipated vibrant Nandi cooperative movement.

Director Cooperative Development, Mr. Stalin Koech


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