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Faith Songok November 9, 2023


The County Government of Nandi is in its continuous task of extensive road maintenance and improvement, with the aim of enhancing accessibility and connectivity across various wards within the county. The initiative encompasses a wide range of activities, including road grading, gravelling, dozing, and spot improvements, and covers roads in several key wards.

Gravelling in Process.

The roads in focus include the maintenance of Nderio-Ndekeriat Road in Terik Ward, grading and gravelling of Mugundoi Road, as well as the dozing of Bitabkeben Road in Kaptumo-Kaboi Ward. Similarly, dozing work has begun on Rubet Road in Kurgung-Surungai Ward, while the Kapsoen-Kaptebengwo Road is undergoing grading.

Initial stage of grading road to restore surface and drainage attributes.

Additional works involve the grading and gravelling of Kabolebo-St. Matthew’s-Maraba Road and the Tuyobei-St. Matthew’s Road. In Songor-Soba, the Lord King-Kiptebes primary road is undergoing grading, while the Murguywo Road in Koyo Ndurio Ward is set for grading and gravelling.

Residents of Kaptumo-Kipletito are witnessing the grading and gravelling of their road, and a significant focus lies on the Katanin-Nyigoon-Kapchotara-Kapmotong Tarmac Road, which is also slated for improvement.

In Ndalat Ward, spot improvement work has commenced on the Ndalat Centre-Nyigoon-Mumetet Road, enhancing its quality and safety. The Kogame-Himaki Road in Chepkunyuk Ward is undergoing grading and gravelling, while the Danger-Kechire Road in Kiptuiya Ward is seeing substantial improvements through grading.

In Nandi Hills Ward, the Kapnana-Cheptililik Road is being graded and gravelling work is also being carried out on the Cheptililik-Kaptien Road.

The road works extends to Kipkaren Ward, where dozing work is actively taking place. Furthermore, the Mosoriot TTC-Kapnyamisa Road is undergoing grading and spot improvement, while the Mosoriot-St. Francis Girls-Kapkinyasain Road in Lelmokwo/Ngechek Ward is receiving graded upgrades.

Dozing of road to expand and level the surface.

The Namgoi Shell-Kamatargui Road in Kapsabet Road is also part of this extensive initiative to enhance road infrastructure and connectivity throughout the county, whereby it is being graded.

The County Government of Nandi is demonstrating its commitment to improving infrastructure, accessibility, and the overall quality of life for its residents through these significant road improvement projects. These efforts are expected to ease transportation, and enhance the overall well-being of the local communities.

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