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Faith Songok November 24, 2021


Farmers in Nandi can now easily access quality farm inputs and at their own convenience through an input support program between Digi Farm and input suppliers in Nandi, who identify with the relevant opportunities, the initiative provides.

The initiative is a continuous engagement between the County Government of Nandi through the department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development and DigiFarm whose mandate is to deliver improved services, that will make agriculture economically viable in Nandi.

Chief Officer Co-operative Development, Dr. Benadatte Tiony following through the meeting.

Input supply is a critical factor in inclusive agriculture and rural development, and through the initiative: lack of input capital, the challenges of sub standard inputs, lack of product specific inputs that does not meet the customized need of a farmer, cost barriers between manufacturers and suppliers, and latent demand faced by farmers in remotely rural areas, seeks to be addressed.

Digi farm will support input suppliers review the demand need in its mapped areas, facilitate effective working arrangements between them and manufacturers in response to the customized demands, increase their access to capital through innovative finance mechanism that will support both the supplier and the farmer, provide technology and marketing support to link farmers to suppliers and provide support in areas of delivery to farmer clients.

The capacity of farmers to identify their farm needs and their correct use of inputs is also a vital skill crucial to productivity. Through the initiative, both the input supplier and the farmer will be sensitised through additional extension services, on the right technical approaches required for maximum return of farmer output.

On Tuesday, the department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development led by Chief Officer Co-operative Development, Dr. Benadatte Tiony hosted DigiFarm to a one day workshop with officials of farmer cooperatives in Nandi with agrovets as the chain leaders to fast track the initiative, as it progresses to include private input suppliers who will register interest to be part of the program.

Chairman, Tanykina Dairies, Mr. Leonard Melli engaging during the workshop.

Farmers in Nandi are encouraged to dial *944# and register with DigiFarm to access inputs and input credits, provided through this initiative.

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