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Joyce Mutai February 21, 2019


Department of Lands, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change In partnership with Food and Agriculture Organization, and National Environment Management Authority has began the process of mapping both King’wal and Kibirong wetlands.

Objectives of the mapping exercise include determining the exact acreage and extent of both wetlands by use of GPS Coordinates and satellite images. To identify habitats, breeding and flocking sites for endangered and rare species in the wetlands like sitatungas, cranes and debreza monkeys whose main habitation is the wetlands. The exercise is to also determine the encroachment settlements, farming activities, Reed clearing and deforestation.

So far the department is finalizing Wetlands policy and bill to be tabled before the County Assembly.

Chief Officer LENRCC Dr. Mang’ira has applauded the exercise as this will assist the County know causes of encroachment at the wetlands. “Through the exercise proper protection, management and conservation of wetlands will be achieved” he said.

The mapping exercise will be also carried out by the help of County Surveyors and Kenya Wildlife Service for a period of one week.

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