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Peter Koima April 28, 2021


Aggregation of smallholder farmers through farmers’ organisations is key in creating an enabling environment for farmers to thrive. For a very long time, small scale farmers have struggled to access good markets for their produce due to their dispersed and unorganised nature.

Harvested  Hass Avocados from members of Nandi Avocado Co-operative Society.

In light of this, the department of Agriculture & Cooperative Development in liaison with NARIG project continue to support and strengthen Farmers’ organizations with a view of addressing market challenges.

CECM Agriculture and Co-operative Development, Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat checks the vitality of the avocado fruits

One of the beneficiary organizations in this arrangement is the Nandi Avocado Farmers’ Cooperative Society who have benefited from our inclusion and capacity building grants among other government supports.

As a result of these concerted efforts, the department is thrilled to announce that recent negotiations and deal made between Nandi Avocado Farmers’ Cooperative Society, the County Government of Nandi and exporter Sunripe Limited has started to yield fruit.

Exporter endorsed to market Avocado produce of Nandi Avocado Co-operative Society.

On Tuesday, the CECM for Agriculture Dr Kiplimo Araap Lagat witnessed the first batch harvesting and aggregation of hass avocados for export by members of the Society that kicked off at Mr. Sigot’s farm in Koyo-Ndurio ward, Aldai Sub County.

CECM Agriculture and Co-operative Development Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat witnesses and joins in the harvesting and aggregation  of avocado for export.

Under the deal, the cooperative is set to enjoy a standard price of not less than KES 80 per kg of Hass variety and not less than KES 55 per KG of the Fuerte. Currently, the society is enjoying a maximum price of Sh 92 per Kg of Hass variety.

Avocado Sizing Grader.

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