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Phoebe Jeruto March 11, 2019



The County Government of Nandi has begun the establishment of a toll free Call Centre to ease public access to information and improve service delivery.

The Initiative is being implemented in partnership with Jomo Kenyatta University Of Science and Technology after the two entities signed a memorandum of Understanding that outlined the areas of collaboration in ICT in 2018

“Nandi County is one of the Counties practicing open governance as a way of ensuring there is effective citizen awareness and engagement in governance”. said the chief officer in charge of ICT and E-government Jonathan Misoi.

He was addressing a team of Communication officer in a strategic meeting that was aimed at planning for data collection ahead of the establishment of the Call Center.

apart from the Call Centre the county Government is also establishing a Data center that will be used to consolidate all relevant information need by the public and the Government and the private sector.

Some of the activities that will be taking place at the Call Center include Call Answering Services, handling of inquiries, outbound notifications and alerts, Attending to complaints and compliments, Polls and Surveys, email management as well as dispute and resolution Management.

The Call Center will also help enhance the response to disaster  die to its ability to cascade information information effectively.




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