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Mitchelle Jelimo December 4, 2023


Every 1st of December marks the world commemoration of World AIDS Day, and today, Nandi joined the worldwide observance of the day, marking the 35th anniversary since the world united to dedicate this significant occasion to raise awareness and affirmative action on HIV and AIDS globally.

Residents from all corners of the County, joined the rest the world following in this year objective, summarized in the theme “LET COMMUNITIES LEAD,” in emphasis to unity, diversity, and an inclusive future in the fight against AIDS.

Show of solidarity through a walk around Kapsabet town to the venue.

The pompous event commenced with a spirited walk through Kapsabet town to the venue, to show and build inclusivity and respect for all.

The National AIDS and Control Co-ordinator, Mr. Sammy Bittok emphasized that this was more than a celebration of the achievements and resilience of the community, but also a call for action to enable and support the affected and infected persons in their leadership roles against HIV and AIDS.

In addition to expressing support for people living with HIV (PLWHIV), it was a moment to pay tribute to those who lived and dedicated themselves to fostering awareness within the community, standing firm in their commitment until their final battle.

Mr. Mutuku Kaisali, the Assistant County Commissioner in his speech enunciated his commitment and support to the community.
“Together we can amplify awareness, foster understanding and empower communities in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Let’s hold hands and stigma will be a mention of the past. It’s through a collective effort that we can make a difference,” he reiterated. He also echoed that it is a rallying cry to commit to working together to end the global struggle that is HIV related stigma.

Residents in Nandi converge to commemorate the 35th World AIDS Day.

The Department of Health and Sanitation continues to empower the public to take the lead in the HIV response, by equipping them with the vital information to address their health needs. This includes the free issuance of condoms, for the prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections while teaching on their correct usage, and conducting free HIV testing across all public facilities.

Celebration of the day and the strides taken to meet objectives of inclusivity and fight against HIV and AIDS.


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