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Remmy Butia September 14, 2023


Ensuring a level playing field through adherence to the rules and the elimination of any unfair advantages gained through the use of performance-enhancing drugs is vital for the success of sporting events.

Earlier today, the County Government of Nandi, represented by the Department of Sports, convened a meeting with a group of athletes at the 2Running Club in Chebarbar, aiming to promote clean sports. Claudio Berardelli, the coach behind the 2 Running Club, is credited with developing some of the world’s fastest distance athletes, including Amos Kipruto, Eunice Sum, and Emmanuel Wanyonyi.

CECM social welfare, culture,sports,youth affairs,and arts, Rose Angira with coach 2 Running Club, Mr. Claudio Berardelli.

Dr. Lydia Kosgei, the Deputy County Secretary, along with Rose Angira, the County Executive Committee Member for Sports, and Sports Chief Officer Beatrice Jemurgor, engaged in collaborative discussions with the athletes. The focus was on anti-doping measures and initiatives to maintain the integrity of sports, protecting athletes from the threat of banned performance-enhancing substances.

Dr. Lydia Kosgei, Deputy County Secretary

Rose Angira, the CEC Member for Sports, announced that the county’s sports department would begin visiting training camps within Nandi County to interact with athletes, understand their daily routines, and address any challenges they face. She also mentioned plans to establish a comprehensive database of training camps, licensed coaches, managers, and athletes to streamline support.

Furthermore, Rose Angira advised athletes who earn substantial incomes from their talents to invest wisely in endeavors that will provide financial security beyond their athletic careers.

Chief officer social welfare, sports, culture,youth affairs, and arts, Beatrice Jemurgor.

Beatrice Jemurgor, the Chief Officer for Sports, emphasized the importance of athletes taking responsibility for their well-being. She urged them to consult with their coaches before using any over-the-counter medications and encouraged them to invest in Nandi County, assuring that the county government would facilitate such investments.

Athletes in attendance at the meeting expressed their appreciation for the county government’s initiatives to support them.

CECM social welfare, sports, culture, youth affairs and arts, Rose Angira consulting with athletes on their daily track needs.

The County Government of Nandi is fully committed to promoting and supporting sports as an integral part of the county’s development. The government believes that sports should be accessible to all, and Governor Sang’s administration continues to provide the necessary support to athletes.

Notable figures present at the event included Sports Director Daniel Rutto, Sports Commissioner Mr. Webukhulu, and other senior sports officials.

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