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Phoebe Jeruto September 19, 2019


The need for county governments to have reliable sources of Revenue is key principle in Kenya’s devolution. The higher own source revenue give the counties better resources for discharging the different functionalities and improving service delivery for the betterment of the citizens.

The county government of Nandi is always calling upon it’s citizens’ loyalty in payment of their dues as one of the ways of improving the county’s level of revenue. This local revenue dictates the share of the national kitty and thus relates to the level of development in the county.

To enhance better revenue, the County Department of Finance and Economic Planning came up with proposed amendments in the Finance Bill where, today, the citizens of Nandi had an opportunity to give their views on The Nandi county Finance Amendment Bill 2019. In the forums held in all the sub-counties, the people interacted with the proposed amendments in the Nandi County Finance Act 2019.

These amendments touches on areas of acquisition of fire compliance certificate, hire of drilling rig, land rates, CT Scan services, fees for physical planning services, hire of sports facilities and liquor licencing among others.
Such forums give an opportunity for democracy and participation of the people, enhance public awareness, give a better understanding of governance processes, promote transparency and more so promote community ownership of Public decisions. The people’s views in today’s public participation are key and will therefore be included in the proposed amendments before submitting to the County Assembly.

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