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Phoebe Jeruto June 25, 2019


Work experience increases employability, and with that in mind, the County Government through the department of Administration, Public Service and e-Government is currently implementing the youth internship program. The program’s main objective is to give the youth an opportunity to gain work experience through the practice of their knowledge and skills in various county departments.

These internship program which was first implemented in January this year, runs in two phases yearly each with a non renewable six months period. The first intake which gave an opportunity to 384 interns ends this month so as to give a similar opportunity to another group to be selected from the over 3500 applicants from last advertisement.

Speaking during the exit meeting for the outgoing interns, the CECM for Administration, Public Service and E-Government, Teresa Morogo said that the program is meant to mentor the youths in their career paths, give them a work experience and place them in the better place to grab other job opportunities.

Ms. Morogo added that the department is looking forward to the establishment of an internship placement committee which will help the placement of the exiting interns within the county government and even to other potential employment opportunities or even have their own startups.

The CECM for Sports, Gender and Youth Affairs, Elly Kurgat pointed out that the department is putting much efforts to ensure that more opportunities are available for the youth. He further urged the interns to progress and advance in their professional development as well as grabbing other available opportunities even outside the county.

“The county is continuously investing in the youth by giving them the necessary job experience”, said Mr Nelson Ligaga who is the Chief officer for Youth Affairs. He further encouraged the youths to work in groups, register companies and grab the available tenders slotted for the youths in the county.

Noting that there is an ever growing number of graduates without a corresponding increase in job opportunities, the interns applauded Tuga Tai’s administration for the opportunity given to them to gain the experience and improve their chances for employability.

With the successful implementation of the first phase, the county government is looking forward to enrolling the next batch of interns for the next six months as it seeks to reach out to more youths in the county.

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