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Caren Towett July 23, 2020


Leveraging diversity among county employees helps to create programs and services that meet the diverse needs of a county government.

By cultivating a diverse workforce, employees are able to bring ideas on critical in order to improve the lives of all its diverse residents achieve the sustainable development goals.

Today the National cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) convened a sensitization forum with the members of the county Public service board.

Public Service Board Members present during a meeting with NCIC at Municipal Hall in Kapsabet, Nandi County.

The main objective of the forum was to develop strategies that are geared towards ensuring inclusivity and compliance in the employment of the staff in the county with reference to the developed minimum standards and principles for recruitment to ensure inclusiveness and diversity at the county further disseminate the results of the audit of the ethnic composition of the staff.

Public Service Board Members following closely presentation presided by the NCIC.

Speaking during the forum, Commissioner Hon. Philip Okundi noted that the current composition of the staff is skewed towards the dominant community and urged the County Public Service Board to progressively improve on ensuring equal opportunities for all ethnic groups in terms of recruitment.

He emphasized on the need for the County Public Service Board in promoting national values and respect for diversity by ensuring that the gender inequality, marginalization and exclusion are addressed .

Okundi was accompanied by Kyalo Mwengi, Assistant Dir. Complaints, Legal and Enforcement, Catherine Gakuru, Assistant Dir. Investigations Mr. Kyalo Mwengi, Assistant Director, Complaints, Legal and Enforcement, NCIC Senior Legal Officer, Mr. Jackson Mwikamba.

Mr. Kyalo Mwengi, gave a presentation on the ‘Minimum Standards and Principles for Recruitment to Ensure Inclusiveness and Diversity at the County Level.

Mr. Kyalo Mwengi, giving a presentation on the ‘Minimum Standards and Principles for Recruitment to Ensure Inclusiveness and Diversity at the County Level.

He urged the county public service board to always strike a balance to ensure that there is equality during the employment process.

This is by ensuring that they adhere to the principle of equal opportunity and affirmative aimed at gender equity, persons from the marginal regions and people living with disabilities.

He also emphasized on the need to have open days by the County public service board to showcase their works and also sensitize the public on the recruitment processes in the public service.

The County Public Service Board members were encouraged to give equal opportunities in the process of recruitment to ensure inclusivity in appointments for all ethnic groups.

Nandi County Public Service Board CEO Jacob Sisey expressed his great satisfaction with the NCIC and its role in guiding institutions on what the Constitution and County Acts stipulates on ensuring inclusivity in the process of recruitments and appointment of public servants.

He thanked the NCIC team for the sensitization forum in that it had taught the members on the essences of diversity as a key objective in fostering national unity.

Sisey underscored that the county public service board has been able to demonstrate inclusivity and transparency by attaining the 30% of employment and fulfilling the affirmative action of the marginalized wards with the county and bearing in mind the people living with disabilities.

Daniel Mwogoi, chair of the public Service Board together with Irene Choge during the meeting at Municipal Hall in Kapsabet.

Present during the event were the board members, Irine Choge,Ezekiel Chemwor,Daniel Mwogoi,Member of County Assembly Osborn Komen, stella rutto member County Assembly Public Service Philister Maiyo,Deputy Director Administration and Nancy Jeruto Deputy Legal Officer,CPSB.

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