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Phoebe Jeruto November 6, 2019


In a bid to strengthen good governance, successful implementation of Governor’s Manifesto and effective delivery of services to the citizens, Governor Stephen Sang recently made changes to his cabinet.

These changes affected the department of Administration, Public Service and e-Government where Ms. Grace Sugut who was the Chief Officer in charge of Public Service Management was appointed to the department of Education, Research and Vocational Training as the CECM. On the other hand, Mr. Philip Towett, formerly the Chief Officer in charge of Social Welfare takes over as the Chief Officer for Administration and Public Service Management.

Today Ms. Grace Sugut handed over the baton to the incoming Chief Officer, Mr.Philip Towett. The event was witnessed by County Secretary Dr. Francis Sang, Deputy county secretary, Ms. Priscilla Rono and the Director- Human resource Management Mr. John Keter.

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