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Remmy Butia May 5, 2019


Rural access roads are the lifeline for people living along the roads, and they provide intra- and near-village transport connecting the houses and farms in various communities.

A hilly and remote village in Songhor/Soba Ward, Tindiret Sub County is today enjoying a new lease of life.

This follows the completion of the over 17 kilometre Taunet – Koromi – Cheboingong – Maraba road, the first-ever stretch of rural access road, meandering all the way to the sleepy Cheboingong village.

Residents are further celebrating the connection of the area to the national grid under the Rural Electrification Programme, earmarked to light up Cheboingong and adjacent localities for the first time in independent Kenya.

Impoverished and hard to access Cheboingong and Koromi residents have had to walk for kilometres to access hospitals, school and water among other basic commodities.

The reality today, is the ecstatic residents are lost for words in describing the development many never thought they would see in their lifetime.

Retired Senior Chief Wilson Ketter, a resident said he never imagined seeing a road pass through the “forgotten” village.

He says the new road will open up the area and greatly improve the lives of mothers and children who have endured agony while trying to access far-away medical facilities.

“Women had to be ferried in sacks to give birth in hospital. This road will reduce child mortality rates and maternal deaths during delivery,” said Cllr Paul Letting.

Chepchule, a boda boda operator noted the time used in traveling between Maraba and Taunet has now become short due to the opening up of the new road.

A local cereal trader Ms Teresa, was glad that the new road would now help traders and farmers to transport their produce to Maraba market on time and in good condition.

According to the Department of Transport and Infrastructure, the Taunet – Maraba access road will help improve connectivity and reduce travel time in Tindiret sub county.

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