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Joyce Mutai September 13, 2023


Saccos play very important roles in our communities by encouraging a habit of saving to the clientele and this is usually done through lending of loans to common interest groups and individuals.

Today, Kilven cooperatives with a total of 236 members from 4 Zones of Tulon, Lolminingai, Terige, Kilibwoni, Arwos, Kaplamai, Kabirsang, Kipture and Kipsigak held its first Annual General Meeting as well as electing its executive members.


Kilven cooperative members proceeding through their first Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Speaking during the meeting, Emgwen Sub County Cooperative Officer Mercylyn Limo, emphasized on the need for massive registration of members in order to benefit from the NAVCDP project. “Let’s all strive to bring on board more members to the Sacco as this will lead to more shares and growth for all of us” she said.

Chesumei Sub County Cooperative Officer, Mercylyn Limo.

Kilven Cooperative, is one of 20 SACCOs established across 20 different wards in the county and earmarked for support under the NAVCDP project. Besides capacity building, the SACCO will receive inclusion grants (which includes setting up of an office and automation) and matching grants as a seed capital.

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