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Patrick Yego October 31, 2023


In a remarkable display of unity and dedication to environmental preservation, the County Government of Nandi in partnership with a wide range of nature based organizations, stakeholders, and local communities today converged to witness the launch of the River Yala Business Case. This will commence the conservation and restoration work in River Yala Water Fund catchment that is within the River Yala watershed.

Stakeholders at the launch of River Yala Business Case.

River Yala Water Fund, operating under the banner of the Women in Water and Natural Resources Conservation (WWANC), proudly stands as the world’s pioneering women-led water fund. Its overarching objective is clear and resolute towards enhancing water security, preserving the rich tapestry of biodiversity, and improve local livelihoods by harnessing the power of smallholder farmers’ conservation efforts.

Dr. Lydia Kosgei, the Deputy County Secretary, emphasized the indispensable role of women in these critical endeavors. She asserted that women should receive unwavering support when participating in activities aimed at preserving our water catchments, ensuring food security, and driving economic development. Dr. Kosgei keenly noted the hardships that women face within their households when water shortages occur, underscoring the urgent need for lasting solutions.

Dr. Lydia Kosgei, Deputy County Secretary speaking during the event.

Jonah Biwott, the Chief Officer for Water, Environment, Natural Resources, and Climate Change, echoed Dr. Kosgei’s sentiments. He stressed the pivotal role that empowered women play in the protection and conservation of our natural heritage. He compared nature conservation to the responsibilities of raising a family, both requiring undivided attention and dedication.

The agenda for the River Yala Water Fund is comprehensive, including training initiatives, the establishment of governance structures, freshwater ecology surveys, river quality monitoring, and extensive tree planting campaigns. These efforts are made possible through the collaboration of key partners namely; the Office of the First Lady, Mama Doing Good, the County Government of Nandi, KANAWASCO, and other like-minded organizations. The official launch of the River Yala Business Case is a testament to the unwavering commitment of this united front to preserve the Nandi catchment area and secure a sustainable future for the region’s water resources.

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