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Phoebe Jeruto October 31, 2018


Preserving our heritage, pioneering technology.

‘Preserving our heritage, pioneering technology’ is the theme for connected summit 2018. Connected summit is a platform that brings together industry players from the private sector, public sector and academia by offering a platform where the industry players, government, innovators and other stakeholders mingle freely, share and exchange ideas on how ICT can continue to be a catalyst of service delivery to citizens. Close to ten years, the summit has continued to tackle many topical issues in the ICT industries.

This year, the summit is engaging its stakeholders in providing solutions on the use of ICT to attain the big four agenda as well as create a networking opportunity for the government, investors and even students. Among its objectives are: to review progress and achievements in the sector in the last decade; share knowledge, case studies, best practice and lessons learnt based on experiences; develop and recommend policy, regulatory and operational interventions where necessary; Charter a future Kenya of economic prosperity using ICTs based on review of achievements and lessons learnt in both public and private sector; and provide a platform for meaningful networking that will result in fruitful relationships that contribute to economic development.

Out of this year’s summit, the list of expectations include: increased number of locally assembled devices at the JKUAT & Moi university assembly plants, which have both rolled out the over 200,000 digital learning devices distributed to learners in all corners of the country under the Digital Literacy Program; utilization of the NOFBI infrastructure to enable health institutions, countrywide, to share data and create healthcare management systems and so improve efficient institutions as well as using ICTs to enable farmers get value for their produce through tracking of their products right from harvesting to the payment and so cut off brokers and middle men who eat into their profit margins.

These summits have always been the birth of many innovations especially in the public service sector such as: Huduma, e- citizen, Digital Literacy Program and the National ICT Master Plan. This year, the summit managed to launch the huduma whitebox portal which is an initiative by the government through the ministry of ICT geared towards catalyzing the successful growth of local ventures to world class status by creating a channel for anyone who wants to sell/ suggest a product or idea to government. While doing this, priority will be given to products that focus on the Big four Agenda and address government priorities and challenges.

According to the ICT and Innovation CS Joe Mucheru, White Box targets to link these groups of people, and create a space where they can gather and brainstorm ideas and innovations that can be tested by experts in the government. If feasible, the ideas can then be absorbed in whichever sector they purpose to serve and the citizens are therefore encouraged to participate.

The county governments are the destinations of these innovations and projects and its stakeholders should therefore be part of these summits. The county government of Nandi managed to send its stakeholders from the ICT sub sector to be part of this summit that will ensure the great ideas, innovations and other ICT projects are implemented in Nandi County. The residents of Nandi county especially the youth are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities brought about by the huduma whitebox.

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