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Peter Koima October 26, 2023

Plans to Operationalize Nandi Cooperative Creameries (NCC) Gathers Pace

In alignment with Governor Stephen Sang’s directive to breathe life into Nandi Cooperative Creameries and commence operations within this fiscal year, the County Department of Agriculture and Cooperatives is intensifying its efforts to set the milk processing plant in motion before the year’s end.

Front view of Nandi Cooperative Creameries in Kabiyet, Mosop Sub County

In preparation for the upcoming test run and full-scale operations, the joint steering committee, led by Dr. Paul Sanga, the Chief Officer for Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries, held an on-site inspection visit of the flagship project in Kabiyet Ward, Mosop Sub County.

From left, Dr. Paul Sanga – C.O Agriculture, Eng. Simon Mwale, Eng. Zacharia Kipkemboi, Eng. Ngugi and Tirop o you Procurement Director

With all the necessary equipment in place and approximately 98% of the structural work completed, the joint steering committee has initiated the process of conducting a test run, ensuring that all systems are ready for processing 100,000 liters of milk daily.
In the meantime, in anticipation of the operationalization, the Nandi Dairy Cooperative Union (NDCU), a federation comprising several dairy cooperatives, has begun the aggregation and sale of milk to processors, currently aggregating close to 40,000 liters daily. The union is poised to triple these volumes once the factory is fully operational, given the tremendous interest expressed by more primary cooperatives.
To ensure this progress adheres to the specified timeframe, the NARIGP project has also deployed a panel of experts (POEs) led by Engineer Ngugi to backstop the county implementation teams responsible for timely delivery of this Multi Community Investment (MCI).
Furthermore, with support from NARIGP, the department is in the process of installing milk coolers in areas of the county with high milk production, reducing the distance between farm gates and the market and addressing post-harvest losses.
Upon completion, Nandi Cooperative Creameries will bring about a revolution in the dairy sector of the county, providing farmers with access to a market that guarantees minimum returns, creating both direct and indirect employment opportunities, and enhancing the nutrition of ECDE pupils. #ContinuedTransformation

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