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Phoebe Jeruto May 29, 2019


The County government of Nandi endeavours to provide better working conditions to its employees for efficient, result oriented and satisfactory delivery of services to the citizens.

Today, the County Doctors’ CBA implementation and Monitoring committee held their quarterly meeting to check on the progress of the CBA implementation. The committee discussed various areas of concern ranging from staff promotions, medical cover, car loans and mortgage among other issues.

While chairing the meeting, the Chief Officer for Public Service Grace Sugut said that all the pending staff promotions (including doctors), were under discussion and awaiting recommendations from the County Human Resource Management Advisory Committee.

She further added that the Public Service sub sector’s plan to ensure that the staff are placed under a medical cover is underway.

The Medical Services Chief Officer, Dr. Paul Lagat, pointed out the efforts by the Health Department in providing better working conditions and improving doctors and nurses welfare. He said that the county government has so far addressed major issues such as shortage of doctors, opportunities for further training, leave, disciplinary procedures, doctors lounge and provision of better working environment.

The representatives from KMPDU led by the Secretary General Northrift Region, Dr. Ismael Aiyabei congratulated the county government for addressing most of the issues raised earlier on concerning the implementation of Doctors’ CBA. He also applauded the government’s cooperation in working together with the KMPDU Officials for effective health service provision in the County.

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