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Edward Sanga September 29, 2021


The County Government of Nandi through the Department of Lands, Water, Environment and Natural Resources has partnered with the Trust Fund in establishing a Treated Sewer plant in Baraton within the Chesumei Sub-County.
To ease the achievement of the project, the county government, through the sub-sector of water, held a public participation at Baraton. This is to ensure that the residents are engaged for successful program implementation.
The sewer plant will help in decentralizing and managing waste water from individual dwellings, industrial or institutional facilities, and clusters of homes or businesses.

Chief officer Daniel Sang

The department will conduct site-specific evaluation to determine the appropriate type of treatment system each location will have.
During the public participation the residents urged the department to ensure that the plant is built far from their residential area so as to prevent possible health hazards that might affect them.

They further urged the county government that once the plant is up for use, the department should ensure that maintenance of the plant is done after six month. This will help in preventing leakage and contamination of water sources.
Daniel Sang, the Chief Officer for the water and Environment sub-sector assured the residents that during the onset of the project, the department will ensure accuracy in mapping to clearly shows the location of all parts of the sewage system for easy maintenance.

Trust Fund Representative David Cheruiyot, told the residents that through their partnership with the county, they will ensure that the plant will be set up and that they’ll ensure timely maintenance.
The project will be beneficial to more than 200 households within Baraton.

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