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Phoebe Jeruto January 30, 2020


Today the department of Administration, public Service,and e-Government held a quarterly review meeting on implementation of it’s plans and asses performance by all its sub-sectors. The meeting was attended by Sub county administrators, leadership from Kapsabet municipality, ICT & e-Government Directors, Ag. Deputy Director for administration, head of Fire and Disaster management, public health Officers, head of public relations and representatives from Department of economic planning among others. Every unit gave a progress report as well as pointing out strategies of betterment of service delivery by the department.

Among the key issues discussed and reviewed were the status of projects and programs implemented by the department for the FY 2018/2019 and 2019/2020, ongoing projects for Kapsabet municipality, sectoral plan for FY 2020/2021 and establishment of sectoral working group for monitoring performance by the sector.

The projects and programs by Administration sub-sector are: Operational bus park in Kapsabet and ongoing works over the same for Nandi Hills and Mosoriot; bodaboda shades in major trading Centres, passenger waiting Bay in Mosoriot, ongoing construction of pedestrian walkway and storm water drainage between Namgoi and Kapsabet town; extension of street lighting in the urban areas, ongoing works for Juakali shades at Kapsabet town, acquisition of waste receptacles for major urban areas that will soon be dispatched and extension of sewer line in Kapsabet.

ICT and e-Government has successfully established call & data centre in for managing complaints & compliments and enhancing data security; equipped computer labs in all the 15 Vocational Training Centres and rolled out computer literacy skills and Ajira digital Skills training. It has also enhanced connectivity across the county departments and digitized service delivery in various departments through acquisition of information systems such as those for managing Health, human resource, revenue, fleet and DigiFarm currently underway.

Public Service on the other hand successfully rolled out 1st phase of internship program, Developed Human resource policy, prepared competency framework for the county government, developed Human resource management plan, rolled out a pilot program for staff Biometric registration and management and developed County Public Participation & civil education Bill currently awaiting approval by the County Assembly.

The CECM for Administration, public Service and e-Government, Teresa Morogo, mentioned that the department is working towards improving the status of all the urban areas County wide as she calls upon all the section heads to ensure completion of all the projects and programs. She also insisted on the need for fast approval of the public participation and Civic education Bill by the County Assembly. This would give way for continuous Civic education as well as being framework for effective citizens involvement and public participation.

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