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Faith Songok July 16, 2022



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In view of this, and with the governance role of the County Government of Nandi, the department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development has developed a FIRST, NANDI COUNTY COOPERATIVES DEVELOPMENT POLICY DOCUMENT, as an action framework to address the processes, applicable policies, laws, regulations and ethical standards that will guide and support the cooperative societies to account for, monitor, identify, develop, and make these key decisions in an enforceable way within a changing environment.

This comes after evaluation by the department, that there is need to address management gaps within our cooperative societies, brought about by challenges in transitioning existing solutions to meet the interpretations of the newness of emerging issues and on translating the requirements amidst resource, politics and mental models that might block progress.

Such is that, on Thursday, the directorate of Cooperatives led by the County Executive Committee Member (CECM) Agriculture and Cooperative Development, Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat and Chief Officer Cooperative Development Dr. Benadatte Tiony, in partnership with Global communities, conducted a review of the developed policy document, purposively towards accreditation.

The policy document goes on length to address institutional management issues of identity, transitions, and reforms, service to the public in privatization, partnerships, and compliance.

The review exercise is the final step in recognition and accreditation of the first ever NANDI COUNTY COOPERATIVES DEVELOPMENT POLICY 2021, which was developed under the development transformative agenda of His Excellency Governor Stephen Sang, of revitalizing the cooperative sector, as spelt out in the Nandi County Integrated Development Plan 2018.


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