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Phoebe Jeruto March 5, 2020



County’s department of Administration, public service and e-Government is working towards automating  Service delivery across all the departments in the county. It has recently integrated technology into human resources management and health management among other key Service areas.

ICT team led by Chief Officer Jonathan Misoi  checking on the available Infrastructure at Nandi Hills Hospital


The automation of the recruitment process and employees management is championed with the roll out of Human Resource Management System integrated with Health Management Information System (HMIS) as a bigger number of county employees are based in the department of Health Services.

This has necessitated bio-metric registration and personnel information verification of all the the county employees. This exercise is ongoing  subsequently in all sub counties and currently done in Nandi hills Sub-county.

Today the Chief Officer for ICT and e-Government Jonathan Misoi, together with his counterpart in charge of Administration & Public Service- Philip Towett, a representative from County Public Service Board Daniel Mwogoi and the ICT directors visited Nandi hills sub county hospital.

They were checking the ongoing progress of the  bio-metric registration. The team also assessed the preparedness of the facility ahead of the roll out of HMIS which is currently operational.

The system has immensely transformed service delivery in Kapsabet County Referral Hospital.

Chief Officer for ICT Jonathan Misoi, addressing the team on the HMIS system.



During the visit, Chief Officer to Administration and Public Service Philip Towett, pointed out the anticipation of improved performance, productivity and the overall effectiveness in the delivery of services.

This will enhance better management and planning strategies brought about with automation spearheaded by County’s ICT sub sector.

Philip Towett, Chief Officer for Administration addressing a team from the  Public Service Management.



Misoi highlighted that with success of this technological transformation across all county departments, the citizens can be assured of service delivery brought about with the efficiency in operations, management and mobilization of available resources.

The team touring and assessing the Nandi Hills hospital in preparation of HMIS roll out.



He added that most departments are currently enjoying the success brought about by automation. Apart from HMIS and HRMS other systems are currently in place.

Useful systems such as County Call Center program, Asset and Inventory management, Revenue system with self service business registration portal, Bursary system, Fleet Management system, DigiFarm &DigiCow and County Projects Management System will soon be rolled out.



Ongoing bio-metric registration and verification at Nandi Hills Hospital


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