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Joyce Mutai February 18, 2019

Semi Autonomous Government Agencies Training Kicks Off

Committee members from different water projects in Tindiret Sub County have received a Semi-Autonomous Government Agencies  (SAGAs) training.

Key areas covered include legal frameworks, financial procedures at SAGAs level, procurement process, cost-effective approach, supervision, monitoring and evaluation of the projects, project closure and audit of project expenditure.

Among the Committees trained include Kabunyeria, Tulwapmoi, Chemamul, Chepkoson and Cheptonon Secondary School water projects.

This program will enable the County Government of Nandi  through the Department of Lands, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change to transfer monies as grants for programmes and projects . This could otherwise be the direct responsibility of the County Government.

CECM  Stanley Baliach said that the committee will ensure that projects are implemented rapidly, hence leading to more and faster absorption of development money.

“The department has adopted this approach as it will make the communities own the projects. The absorption of development funds will improve through faster development at the grassroots hence devolution will be felt at the ward level,” Baliach said.


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