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Phoebe Jeruto April 2, 2019


County’s ICT Sub Sector as service department is responsible for provision of secure, reliable and integrated technological solutions that simplifies and advances the process of executing the county’s functions. It will soon be rolling out Fleet Management system (FMS) that will be used to manage all the vehicles owned and managed by the county government. The sub sector is working hard to automate all departmental processes for efficiency in the delivery of services to the citizens and achievement of the set goals.

This Fleet Management system will enable the county government to reduce operational cost and improve performance as it give an opportunity for proper real time control and efficiency in management of fleet. It will therefore help the county in cost monitoring in terms of fuel consumption, reduced delays especially in time of emergency, repair and maintenance, asset inventory and distribution as well as managing matters pertaining compliance to the set requlations. The real time access will also help in tracking availability and vehicle location making it more efficient in managing appropriate usage, workforce and distribution of workload.

This automation is therefore expect to improve transport efficiency as well as increasing performance and reducing the general operational cost brought about in the use and management of these vehicles.

Today during the fleet management stakeholders meeting in preparation for implementation, the Chief Officer for ICT and e-Government, Jonathan Misoi assured the stakeholders of the expected improvement in performance and delivery of services. This will come as a result of the alignment of vehicle operations to the county’s set goals.

At its initial stages of the roll out process, the sub sector is working on stakeholder sensitization and training. The system is expected to be operational before the end of this financial year.

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