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Peter Koima February 22, 2023


The County Government of Nandi, led by Governor Stephen Sang, is implementing measures to improve the distribution of subsidized fertilizer to benefit maize farmers in the county.
Under the guidance of the CECM Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat, the department of Agriculture & Cooperative Development has responded quickly to the request of Aldai’s maize farmers and the Governor’s appeal to the NCPB’s Regional Manager, Mr. Gilbert Rotich, to bring subsidized fertilizer closer to farmers in Nandi county.
As the first consignment for Aldai Farmers is received this evening, the CECM Dr. Lagat has announced that over 3,000 50kg bags of fertilizer will be available to Aldai farmers from tomorrow at a store located in Kobujoi, which was handed over to the NCPB last Friday.
Earlier in the day, members of the County Assembly committee on Agriculture chaired by Hon. Julius Kipkosgei accompanied the CECM to visit the Mosoriot National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) Depot in Chesumei Sub County to assess the progress of the subsidized fertilizer distribution.
They held a meeting with the depot manager, Mrs. Irene Tiren, to discuss ways to improve and fast track the fertilizer distribution at the depot and later engaged with farmers who were queued up to collect their fertilizer and shared plans to set up more collection points to improve the distribution channels and address other concerns for the benefit of farmers.
The department, in collaboration with the NCPB and the National Government, is exploring a cooperative distribution model to make fertilizers more accessible to farmers across the six sub-counties.

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