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Edward Sanga October 23, 2023


County Government of Nandi has partnered with Nature Conservancy, in a bid to scale it’s efforts in environmental conservation. The county government has been keen and dedicated to implementing the Climate Change Act, which guides this process.

To ensure this fulfillment of commitments strengthened through collective decisions and actions, a delegation led by Fred Kihara, the Director of Africa Water Funds, visited Dr. Philemon Buretti, Chief Executive Committee Member (CECM) of Lands, Housing, Water, and Natural Resources, and Jonah Biwott, Chief Officer of Lands, Housing, Water, and Natural Resources.

Delegation from Africa Water Funds.

During the meeting, they identified areas of collaboration to provide nature-based solutions, with a particular emphasis on involving women in water and natural resource conservation, recognizing their pivotal role in these areas.

Women involvement in water and natural resource conservation is important as women are stakeholders and they play a key role in water and land conservation and watershed management. The gender gap in water resource management is often attributed to societal gender norms, which allocate water-related responsibilities to women while granting decision-making powers to men. Nevertheless, women possess a significant skillset and knowledge related to water harvesting, storage, and natural resource management.

Dr. Philemon Buretti, the CECM of Lands, Housing, Water, and Natural Resources, reaffirmed the county’s commitment to this initiative, highlighting their strong track record of collaboration with various partners.

” Nandi county government has a good track record and has worked with several partners to strength devolution”. He said.

Nandi currently has environmental committees in all 30 wards.

Dr. Philemon Buretti, the CECM of Lands, Housing, Water, and Natural Resources chairing the deliberations.

Furthermore, the CECM sought support, including seedlings and collaboration in nature conservancy. The county is currently in the process of establishing tree nurseries in the six sub-counties, involving all stakeholders, particularly women.Additionally, the department requested that technical team be trained in drone handling.

Also present were; Alfayo Lel, Managing Director of KANAWSCO; James Meli, Director of Environment and Climate Change; Richard Lelei, Director of Water; Kemei, Director of Roads; and other county officials.

Mr. Jonah Biwott, Chief Officer of Lands, Housing, Water, and Natural Resources in discussion with the team.

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