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Evans Sirma June 1, 2020


All over the world, various technologies are being tested and piloted as one of the means in which the spread of Covid-19 is going to be halted. Through ICT & e-Government, the county is not left behind in this effort and we are taking the lead as one of the Counties leveraging ICTs to, mitigate effects of Covid-19. According to the Chief officer ICT and e-Government, Mr. Jonathan Misoi, he noted the importance of using tech. He had this to say “Counties should take this difficult time to innovate and have new ways of doing things. Technologies going forward will be the new normal and I am doing all I Can to prepare both employees and citizens of Nandi County to jump to the bandwagon. At the end of this pandemic, most governments will be have moved on to be Digital Governments, and Nandi should be one of them”. 

ICT and e-Government will deliberately focus to package information and showcase to you what the County Government, led by our able Governor, Hon Stephen Araap Sang, together with the Health Department has been doing to prepare and put measures in place to ensure we are ready to join the fight against this novel virus. We thank God there has never been any case reported in our County so far, we pray that God continues to protect us. However, we still insist that you follow the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health including social distancing, wearing of masks while in public places and ensuring that you always wash your hands. We have put together a newsletter dubbed Nandi Focus, Special Edition. Download Here and get comprehensive information on what has been done towards this end. We have also put up a website for you to access information at and our call centre 1548 is available 24/7 to handle any calls as regards Covid-19 and any other emergencies. Give us your feedback via or via the Call centre. We welcome you to check our next newsletter covering the Sports and Youth Affairs Sectors next Month. God bless Nandi.

In summary, the following are technologies and platforms being used at the County:

Surveillance and Contact tracing portal in partnership with AfyaRekod, Telkom. Residence in Nandi are urged to Dial *380*29#  or download AfyaRekod App from google store(register and use the Code: AR202061 as the organization referral code) and help the county with information that will help in response mechanisms and our healthcare workers will login from this link or 

Use of graphics and Videos to pass messages on our website and social media pages


  • Bulk Messaging to 77,000 Farmers on Covid through our Digifarm Platform with Safaricom.


  • Roll out of Nandi Afya Care (HMIS) at KCRH and soon all sub county hospitals, upgraded to do Covid Screening
  • Virtual Workplace for employees through Office365, Microsoft teams and our Robust Human Resource System.

Other systems helping staff during this period that has been implemented includes:

  • Nandi-Farm – Agricultural Management Information Systems in the Agriculture department. Already 77,000 farmers are in the platform. Beginning this week, extension officers will be registering and updating farmers details.
  •  DigiCow- A platform for veterinary and AI services already being piloted in Kabiyet

ICT sector remains in the forefront to implement technologies that will improve service delivery during Covid-19 and beyond. More platforms to be rolled in the coming weeks including Projects platform to help citizens get to know status of projects being undertaken by the county Government. Since services must continue and to ensure governors promises are met by the departments.

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