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Maureen Cheruto January 17, 2024


The department of Education and vocational training has today embarked on an exercise to vet the would be beneficiaries of the Nandi education fund to ensure that the needy and deserving applicants benefit.

In support of this,the leadership of H.E the Governor  Hon Stephen sang together with the MCAs increased the allocation of FY 2023/2024 from 60million to 120million whereby the amount is to be shared equally among the 30 wards.

This process is conducted through public participation at the ward level, which ensures transparency and fairness.

In the ongoing public participation process,the locals group themselves into their respective villages to identify and agree if an applicant is deserving or not.

Locals in groups vetting and discussing on allocation criteria.

Once the locals have settled on the beneficiaries the list is compiled and forwarded to the Nandi County Education fund team for verification and approval.

The whole identification process is overseen by the sub county administrators of respective sub counties.

Nandi County Education Fund (NACEF) team overseeing the vetting procedures.

Being the first day of the exercise,the County Exercutive  member Ms. Scolasticah Tuwei and the Chief Officer Mr. Kipchumba Cheruiyot , Education and vocational department together with the (NACEF)chair Mr. Chris yego visited various centers to oversee and ensure the process is well done.

Chief Executive Committee Member (CECM) Education and Vocational Training, Ms. Scolasticah Tuwei addressing locals during the public participation forum.

Once the identification exercise is complete,the cheques are taken to the respective wards where the beneficiaries will collect.

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