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Edward Sanga January 22, 2020


Nandi County has a good working relationship with the international communities and this has seen the county get several sponsors willing to join hands with the government to deliver services to the people. This is because the leadership has created a good and peaceful working  environment.

One such sponsor is Trust Fund from Finland which  has partnered to develop 5 mega water projects. These projects include Cheptil water project, Kobujoi water project, Kimngoror water project, Lelmokwo water project and Kimatkei. Some of these projects have kicked off and contractors are on site.  This translates to one project in every subcounty. The lelmokwo water project has the pipes already laid down.
The Trust fund partners had paid a courtesy call at the governors office where they met the deputy governor Dr Yulitta Cheruiyot, Chief of staff Stanley Baliach, Co water Sally kemboi and County director for water Richard Lelei. The deputy governor identified a need to have water managing programs through civic education which will educate the residents on the importance of managing water project. She also urged the sponsor to continue working with the county in other projects. She also suggested that water treatment plants be set to ensure people consume safe treated water.
Sanitation also featured heavily in the discussion as the fund has also constructed sanitation facilities in some schools in Nandi. This will help reduce diseases translating to healthy citizens. The Trust promised to work with the government to improve sanitation. A civic education programme will be rolled out soon.

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