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Hillary Kemmey September 20, 2023


The County Secretary, Dr. Francis Sang, received a courtesy call today from the Kenya Informal Settlement Improvement Program team (KISIP-2) who are in our county to seek the opinion of the residents of Mosoriot.

The county government of Nandi is partnering with KISIP to improve infrastructure within Mosoriot as plans are underway for its elevation to a town. Other upcoming urban and settlement areas, such as Kabiyet, Kaiboi, Baraton, Kaptumo Kemeloi, and Ol’Lessos, will follow thereafter.

Kenya Informal Settlement Improvement Program (KISP) in Consultation with County Secretary, Dr. Francis Sang.

Present in the meeting were CECM in charge of Lands, Environment, Natural Resources, and Climate Change, Dr. Philemon Bureti, Chief of Staff Stanley Baliach, and other senior county staff.

The county secretary thanked KISIP for supporting the project. The project will be carried out in phases, depending on priority areas, by the residents of Mosoriot; this includes roads, sewer lines,  and water distribution, among other key amenities.

County Secretary, Dr. Francis Sang Chairing the Meeting.

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