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juliter jepkinyor March 25, 2019


The County Government of Nandi in collaboration with Kenya Cereal Enhancement Programme (KCEP) on Wednesday and Thursday held field days in Chepkumia and Kabiyet wards in Chesumei and Mosop Sub counties respectively under the theme ‘Use of appropriate technology for Food Security and Income Generation’.

The agricultural expo brought together hundreds of farmers from the two wards who showcased their best agricultural practices leading to a Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security to other farmers. Farmers had an opportunity to interact, learn and gain knowledge about modern farming technologies from the experienced and finest farmers.

Kenya seed displayed their value added cereals such as maize baked cake,Crisps made of beans, beans baked cake among others.

Our very own Kaiboi Technical Institute displayed a unique Banana ripening box made to ripe bananas within three days without any additive. They also displayed a vegetable drier used in preserving vegetables during the season of bumper harvest as well as dry season, hence appropriate technology for food security

The objectives of KCEP are in line with that of the County Government to contribute to National Food Security by increasing production of cereal staples, increase income of smallholders in medium and high potential and to support smallholder’s farmers in graduating from subsistence to commercial Agriculture.

While officiating the two events, CO Agriculture Wilson Lelei urged more farmers to enroll into the program and stick to it as it will help them advance agriculture wise. He further urged farmers who have subscribed to the program to attend subsequent trainings as it help them learn new ideas.

In Nandi County the programme is implemented in two Sub counties, Chesumei and Mosop. In Chesumei the programme is in 5 wards while in Mosop it is in 7wards.In 2016,the county target for category 1 farmers was 1000 and 960 was achieved, In 2017, the county target for inputs support for first year farmers was 3000 and achieved was 2276, the target in 2018 was 873 and 746 was enrolled, In 2019, 1062 farmers have been enrolled and the 40% contribution is ongoing.

The programme is based on Public-Private Partnership between Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) which is tasked with dissemination of research based technical packages, Agriculture Market Development Trust (AGMARK) for building the capacities of agro dealers, Equity bank is designed to facilitate smallholders access to Agricultural input through an e-voucher system, East African Grain Council (EAGC) which is tasked with post-harvest management and market linkages.

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