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Joyce Mutai July 8, 2019


Department of Lands, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change and Consultants in Planning and Surveying will in the next three days conduct a validation process for several farms; Kiptenden ‘B’, Swahili village, Mchanganyiko, Kiboswa T.C, Kipkarren Salient(Laboret) and Orkokit.

Today the teams visited Swahili village and Kiptenden ‘B’ farm for validation process which involves confirming the plot number, acreage, boundaries and any necessary information to be captured before mounting beacons and issuance of title deeds are done.

The community was also informed of the need to allocate land for public utilities like churches, trading centres, schools among others.

Once the process is complete 51 title deeds will be issued to residents of Kiptenden B.  So far, Sarwat, Itubet and Underit farms within Tinderet subcounty have title deeds.

Tomorrow the teams will be in Mchanganyiko cooperative farm in Nandi hills and Kiboswa T.C

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