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Phoebe Jeruto October 31, 2019


Nandi County call Centre is now three (3) months old and serving its purpose well. Among the reasons for establishment of the call centre is to give citizens a platform for them to interact with the government, air out their complaints and compliments, make inquiries, report on emergency and impending disasters, quicken emergency response as well as acting as the county information desk.

Computer for schools Kenya together with Huawei visit the Call Centre


In the recent past, many lives and properties have be salvaged with help of the call centre. Citizens have managed to call or text the toll free number (1548) to report and seek help on various emergency cases that needed either ambulatory services or any other action to prevent or reduce loss and damage.

Nandi is the first county in Kenya to establish such an avenue for citizens to easily and conveniently reach out to the government by just dialing 1548 at anytime. It is now a benchmark destination for other Counties and governments institutions.

Various institution including the Council of Governors, the Senate, Huawei, Computer for Schools Kenya and other Counties have visited the county to benchmark on the establishment and operationalization of the Call Centre.

Today the members of Complaints and Compliments Committee of Elgeiyo Marakwet County led the chairperson, Michael Sengech, Visited the call centre. They were pleased with this initiative being the best platform to register complaints and compliments from the citizens.

Health committee of the Senate visits the Call Centre

Health committee of the Senate led by Dr. Michael Mbito who is the committee chairperson and the senator for Tran-zoia County recently visited the county call centre and were amazed with the great achievement by the county on empowering the voice of the citizens and giving a better room for public participation.

Nandi County Governor, H.E. Stephen Sang receiving calls at the Call Centre.

The residents of Nandi county are therefore called upon to make use of this service and they are promised adequate and appropriate response through this platform.

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