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Faith Songok January 8, 2021


In its renewed energy to make true the ambitions of a small scale farmer through collective effort, the county government through the cooperative development office led by the chief officer Dr. Benadatte Tiony on Friday held a consultative meeting with the cooperative development officers who make up the technical team which deals with cooperative issues.

Chief Officer Cooperative Development, Dr. Benadatte Tiony chairing the meeting.

The agenda was to recap the strengths that made 2020 a success and discuss on ways to capitalize on areas revised and opportunities aligned with the mission to be of value to Nandi cooperators.

The County Government is passionate in bringing forth amicable solutions through collaborative measures to otherwise challenging situations that would burden an individual farmer. In addition is the zeal to offer support to ensure farmer cooperators find a pillar of strength and resources in their day to day business.

Co-operative officers following through the meeting

Among the areas of focus for the first quarter of the year 2021 is to channel more energy to activities that will ensure increase in milk collection and hence drive traffic of the same to the newly established Nandi Cooperative Creameries. The aim is to see that dairy farmers in all cooperatives get a first hand benefit in selling their milk to the farmer owned facility.

As a support partner and overseer, the cooperative development office mandate will encompass mobilization of dairy farmers to join the union in their various societies bearing in mind that it is through the Nandi Dairy Cooperative Union that a farmer benefits with access to a  stable and secure structure to share his business economies of scale which is a huge boost to the profitability of any business.

In relation, Dr. Benadatte Tiony advised the technical officers to identify and activate collection points for dairy societies that are in process of acquiring milk coolers.

“The societies that received the coolers will in effect be the focal area for volume mobilization and can act as areas of activating collection points for societies yet to receive the coolers upon agreement. This is a proactive measure to ensure such societies are not left behind thus be part and parcel of the N.C.C milk supply wagon and be covered under the umbrella of Nandi Dairy Cooperative Union.”

Other area of importance highlighted was in strengthening the management factor in all cooperative societies. The Chief Officer and the Director stressed on the crucial role a good governance plays in the success of operation in the cooperatives. They urged all officers to ensure sound compliance to all protocols stated under the cooperative compliance act so as to upscale transparency, good flow of fiscal resources to farmers and provide a fair system for equitable distribution of resources among the members.

Director co-operative development, Mr. Stalin Koech

Also key on the agenda was on stakeholder engagement. The need to work as team with the various stakeholders and technical partners involved in cooperative business.

The cooperative development team is geared up to steer the County Government of Nandi transformational agenda of impacting positively the lives of farmers in cooperative societies.

Among the highlights of 2020 was certification of cooperative officers as mediators. Mediation is a key skill in people focused corporations to ensure a fair and accommodative delegation system, an important skill for ease of doing business between a farmer, the society and the government.

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  • Lydia Omamo

    National Cooperative Business Association – Cooperative League of the USA (NCBA CLUSA) Wishes to thank Nandi County especially the Cooperative development for the effort they are putting into supporting dairy cooperatives. There is tremendous price improvement on milk. With the setting up Nandi dairy Union, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Our hope is that this union with support from Nandi County will take Dairy Cooperatives to another level.

    I take this opportunity to appreciate the CO Doctor Tiony and and the Director Mr, Koech for the great work.

    Thank you so much.

    Lydia Omamo – NCBA CLUSA – Country Coordinator

    • 2:51 pm - June 2, 2021

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