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Patrick Yego July 18, 2019


In the modern societies, Information and communications technologies (ICTs) have been universally developed as inevitable tools for enhancing the quality of education by providing access to information and knowledge contents leading to improvements and innovation in teaching, learning and research.

The County Government of Nandi is in the forefront in establishing digital systems to make services proficient.  Provision of ICT knowledge helps to bridge the knowledge and digital divide between the developed and developing countries, enhance educational infrastructural development and provide educational resources for effective learning, perform library functions and provide innovative user services.

Chief Officer for ICT and E-Government Jonathan Misoi has emphasized that the County Government of Nandi is focused in equipping youths with computer literacy skill for the good of their future where every Kenyan needs to get on the digital space. He said that while addressing the media during the flagging off the last consignment of computers and network materials to the Vocational Training Centres in Nandi County.

Photo: Chief Officer ICT and E-Government Jonathan Misoi

“The 21st century skills requires that we deliberately innovate to find ways for our youth to access and upgrade their technical skills. From next month will train our youths on 3 areas, ICT literacy skills, Ajira programme and Google digital skills. We have a target to train over 2000 youths in the next 3 months. Empowering the youth is key and we are on track to deliver on that promise. We invite our youth to visit these centres and get enrolled. We are partnering with Computer for Schools Kenya, ICT Authority and Google.” He added.

Photo: CFSK technician

Head of Public Relations in the County Government of Nandi Kipsaro Boit also pointed out that ICT programs aim at introducing young people to online work and provide them with the necessary tools, training and mentorship to enable them to work and earn a decent income on-line. This will also improve computer education through research and also increase enrolment to Vocational training centres.

Photo: Head of Public Relations Kipsaro Boit


List of Vocational Training Centres in Nandi County per the Subcounty


  1. Kipsebwo VTC
  2. Serem VTC
  3. Mugen VTC


  1. Chemundu VTC
  2. Cheptarit VTC
  3. Kaptel VTC


  1. Sirwa Yala VTC
  2. Kaplamai VTC
  3. Kapsabet School for the Deaf


  1. Kurgung VTC
  2. Tangaratwet VTC

Nandi Hills

  1. Sigilai VTC
  2. Chepsire VTC


  1. Meteitei VTC
  2. Potopoto VTC


So far 280 computers have been supplied by the Computer for Schools Kenya. This is a well-on course that the Computer laboratories in all the 15 vocational training centres are fully equipped and functional.

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