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Phoebe Jeruto December 2, 2019


The first lot of 120 trainees in the Huawei’s DigiTruck program have graduated after a one-month training held in Kaptumo.

This mobile digital classroom is one of the programs rolled out in partnership by the County Government of Nandi and Computer for Schools Kenya (CFSK) in the journey towards enhancing technologically enabled youth in the County through various trainings.

This partnership has opened up better opportunities ranging from the equipping of all Vocational Training Centres (VTC) with computers for training, to the provision of a certified Digital Literacy Skills training program.

The training program focussed on imparting the youth with computer literacy skills that will now enable them to use the internet to get new information, new networks and even grabbing new and better opportunities through the platform.

Speaking at the event, CECM for Lands, Environment and Natural Resources, Philemon Bureti congratulated the citizens of Kaptumo for utilizing the opportunity to get equipped technologically. He further urged others to grab such great opportunities to learn more computational skills which is essential in the world today.

Chief Officer for ICT and e-Government Jonathan Misoi expressed his gratitude to Huawei and CFSK for selecting Nandi County for the implementation of this program.

Misoi noted that this would go a long way in helping the youth enhance their socio- economic status technologically.

He also challenged the youths to utilize the skills acquired to get employment opportunities by engaging in online jobs, earn a living and improve their livelihoods.

‘Digital access has always been the foundation for self-improvement as well as great business innovation,’ added Misoi.

The Director of Education and Vocational Training Daniel Ruto noted that the County Government of Nandi is offering the same program through VTCs.

‘This is to ensure more youth across the County get computer literacy skills and even act as an enabler in learning other courses offered there,’ said Ruto.

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