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28 Jun
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Mr. Alfred Lagat

CPA, Alfred Lagat (33)

Hon. Alfred Lagat is Bachelor of Commerce Graduate (Finance) and a Certified Public Accountant of Kenya.

He has a wide a knowledge and experience in banking and tax matters. He is also a trainer in Public Finance Management with emphasis on PFM Act 2012.

He worked as a Senior Associate in Deloitte and Touche. He has also worked as an assistant Finance Manager at Diamond Trust Bank. He also served as the lead consultant in Tullow Consulting Ltd.

Lagat has also served in the office of the Auditor General, Controller of Budget and other counties in matters finance.

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28 Jun
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Mr. Meshack Kipkorir Malakwen

MESHACK KIPKORIR MALAKWEN holds a Master Degree in Business Administration, Strategic management from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

Malakwen also holds a Bachelers Degree in Agricultural Education and Extension from Egerton University  and holds a Diplomer in Management

He began his academic life at St. Joseph’s High, Kitale and Koyo Primary School.

Malakwen has worked in the Tea industry as a Senior Manager for a period of 18 years at Eastern Produce LTD EPK, Tea Board of Kenya and Koisagat Tea Company LTD where he carried tea management practices to achieve optimum production and market, made collaborative approach with stakeholders to ensure crop production reached highest quality to meet the competitive market demands.

He also prepared the Annual Budget, ensured all operations work within the budget and liased with Tea Research Foundation of Kenya on the new technological approaches to improve the tea yield and quality.

As one of the best achievements, Malakwen worked as a Coordinator, Agricultural Intervention in the fight against HIV/AIDS project by Eastern Produce (K) Ltd. and National AIDS Control Council (NACC).

In community mobilization, he carried out agricultural field days for farmers on establishment of self-sustaining communities in food security and social economic development.

Malakwen was part of the team of Sireet Tea company that received the President’s Commendation for being the best Tea Company in 2009 having been the leading tax payer.

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28 Jun
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Dr. Bernadette Jeptoo Misoi

BENADATTE JEPTOO MISOI holds an MBA in Strategic Management from Moi University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Nairobi.

Dr. Tiony is an accomplished professional, trainer, consultant, manager and community resource person, with demonstrable leadership and management.

She has extensive knowledge and capacity in Strategic management, livestock health, Co-operate governance and Community development.

Dr. Tiony aims at providing strategic leadership in Agriculture, livestock health, Production and research, Community service and collaborations with local and international partners.

She is an alumnus of Kapsabet Girls High School and Kilibwoni Primary School

She has previously worked in private practice as a Livestock Consultant for Kaptich Vetinery Centre, Cross World Africa and Sharon Liveon Foundation.

In April 2015, Dr. Tiony was appointed to the board of Kenya Animal Genetics Resource Centre (KAGRC), a State Corporation in the department of livestock.

She has also served as the District Veterinary Officer in charge of former Nandi Central District.

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28 Jun
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Mr. Wilson Kibor Taiy

Wilson Kibor Taiy is a holder of a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Extension and Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Production and has worked in the Agricultural sector for 32 years.

His immense in the agricultural extension, programme design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation is of great benefit to Nandi County.

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28 Jun
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Ms. Grace Sugut

GRACE SUGUT is pursuing a Master of Philosophy in Educational Communication and Technology at Moi University.

Sugut holds Post Graduate Diploma in Education from Egerton University and a Bachelor of Arts in Government & Linguistics from the University of Nairobi.

She went Moi Girls High School, Eldoret, Loreto High school, Matunda and Hill School, Eldoret.

An enthusiastic and dedicated professional with extensive experience in training and administration, Sugut earned a Vice Chair position for the Nandi County Public Service Board, where she served wholeheartedly before her new appointment.

Prior to joining the county government, Sugut was a Senior Lecturer at Ol’lessos Technical Institute and HOD at the Guidance & Counselling Department where she coordinated prevention of Alcohol & Drug Abuse and HIV/ AIDS.

At Mosoriot Teachers College, Sugut lectured English and Communication Skills, coordinated arts and drama activities, did student evaluation, their assessments and was the debate club patron.

She also taught English and Literature at Kilibwoni Boys High School.

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28 Jun
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Mr. Jonathan Misoi

MISOI JONATHAN went to Cheyakwai primary School. For his A levels he joined Kapsabet Boys High School and thereafter joined Moi University for his Bachelor Degree in Information Technology and graduated in 2006. He pursued Masters in Computer Science and Specialized in Web Information Systems at the Vrije Universitet Beligium (VUB) -Brussels and graduated in 2012. Misoi has worked in the ICT industry in various capacities both at Private and public organizations. He joined Family Bank in 2008 as systems analyst, later moved to Kenya Revenue Authority, Eldoret Branch as Systems Analyst until 2009 when he joined Moi University ICT Directorate as a Senior Assistant Database Administrator. Misoi rose through the ranks with notable positions as Webmaster, head of Information Systems and finally as the Lead Technical Supervisor with the government Digital Literacy Project where he oversaw distribution of Tablets to over 12,000 primary Schools in 26 Counties. He was part of the team that established the Moi University DLP Assembly Plant. He has taught Computer Science at JKUAT and CUEA and has spoken in many technology forums. Misoi Jonathan has attended many International Conferences and presented papers. He is an ITU Youth Fellow after representing Kenya in 2006. To top it all, he is an author of ICT Cake book, that helps motivate the youths to join the fast-moving path. He sits in three boards of a primary School and Secondary Schools and is currently the President Elect of the Rotary Club of Eldoret Uasin Gishu.

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28 Jun
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Mrs. Scolastica J. Tuwei

Scolastica J. Tuwei is Master of Education from Kisii University and a Bachelor of Education, Arts, from Moi University.

She is a dynamic and goal-oriented person with self-determination focused on quality end products that meet organizational set objective, having worked at Kisii University as an Administrator during her Master’s degree program.

In her initial studies, Tuwei attended Kapnyeberai Secondary School and ACK Tegat Primary.

After graduating at Kericho Teachers Training College , she worked as a teacher at Kapsile Primary, Chemartim Primary, Fr. Khun Academu and Keteng Primary.

Tuwei, in her career path, has been awarded several awards including Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility at Kisii University, and officiated the Nandi County Music Festival official, Rift Valley Regional Music Festival official, Nakuru Region Music Festival and the Eldoret Campus Cultural Day at Kisii University.

She also facilitated the Women Empowerment and enhancement training, Pastors Enhancement Training Programme at Kisii University

She is a Women Empowerment Specialist for Kericho And Kisumu Counties.

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28 Jun
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Mrs. Teresa C. Morogo

Mrs. Teresa Chepchumba Morogo is a human resource practioner licensed by the Institute of Human Resource Management.

She is a holder of Masters in Human Resource Management form Egerton University and Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Management for the Kenya Institute of Management.

She has over 20 years of working experience in various public institutions such as The University of Eldoret and KALRO – Sugar Research Institute as the head of human resource.

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Nandi Deputy-Governor 27 Jun
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H.E. Dr. Yulita Mitei Cheruiyot

Dr. Yulita Chebotip Cheruiyot was appointed the second Deputy Governor of Nandi County by H.E the Governor, Hon. Stephen. K. Sang thus being at the verge of making history as the first woman DG in Nandi County and the North Rift region.

The academic don who started her career as an Assistant Teacher in Ndurio Secondary School, 1993, maintained her career and profession well attracting admiration to many – putting her on top of the list becoming suitable appointee to deputize H.E the Governor Hon. Stephen K. Sang.

The 47 year old mother of four is a resident of Katanin village, Ndalat Ward in Mosop Constituency and is married to Barnabas Cheruiyot. H.E the Governor expressed that his administration will bring all people on board with key interests in regional balance and empowering women and youth into leadership.



Dr. Yulita  Mitei studied Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry at University of Botswana, Master of Science Degree in Chemistry at Kenyatta University, and Bachelor of Education (Sc.) Degree; 2nd Class Honours (Upper Division) at Kenyatta University. She has been, before joining politics, a Senior Lecturer in University of Eldoret teaching Analytical Chemistry to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, and supervising Postgraduate Thesis including Research Projects.

She is well experienced in analytical soil fertility, micronutrients and pollutants, Lipid Profiling of selected seed oils from Africa, biodiesel and surfactant properties of selected seed oils from Kenya, environmental analysis of  river  and well waters, speciation studies of heavy metal pollutants in the environment,  development of analytical methods for determination of trace elements, analysis of foods, medicine and other consumer products, essential elements, vitamins, and antioxidants, investigation of plants  used as herbal medicines, and investigation of Iodine Deficiency Disorder Prevalence in the North Rift, Kenya.


Dr. Yulita Mitei  is an active advocate for the people living with disabilities, and is the Chairperson of the Disability Mainstreaming Committee at the University of Eldoret. She is empowering youth and women in Spiritual and Value systems since 1998, and has organized numerous seminars and workshops, of which many has successfully secured funding and donations. She is the founding chairperson of Ogyl Professionals Association.


The Kenya Chemical Society (KCS)

Association of Women in Science and Engineering (AWSE)

Kenya DAAD Scholars Association (KDSA)

International Network of Women in Engineering and Science (INWES).

Korge is a Nandi name of a Mother. Who is a Nandi Woman? She is a God fearing, Innovative, generous, wise, faithful, trustworthy, and a role model (mentorship) woman in her home and the society at large.

The purpose for this training of trainers is to bring back the Nandi woman.

Women in Kenya  are vulnerable to male aggression and violence, they do not have their own financial independence. If we raise the status of women , we stand a real chance of improving everyone around her

Involvement in successful income generating activities should translate into greater control and empowerment of women in Kenya.

Women Empowerment can be achieved Through:-

  1. Access to Microfinance- increasing women’s access to this will lead to social and political empowerment. For example Women Enterprise Fund by the Government of Kenya that comes in two operational channels; through financial institutions to develop and market special loan products to individual clients and the other part is channelled in the form of whole sale loans to women groups.
  2. Self Help Groups- If women pool their resources together in self help groups of their own they can radically change their lives and their communities as well as there is strength in numbers.
  3. Improving literacy levels among poor women in rural and urban areas
  4. Securing women’s access to livestock assets

By empowering women financially , we strengthen women’s voices and bargaining power within her home and the community.

If you empower a woman you’ve empowered a family and a whole Nation.


  • Equip ourselves with knowledge and understanding of a Nandi woman.
  • Bring out our values and bring back our lost glory.
  • Unveil the Korge concept
  • Networking and know ourselves better
  • Unleash Korge’s potential
  • Situational analysis of ourselves.

The Key points to covered in the training are;-

  • Nutrition education
  • Family values
  • Poverty Eradication
  • Women Empowerment.
  • Medical insurance


Traditional ideas about the roles of girls and women restrict their contributions to Kenya. These ideas hold women back from contributing to important development goals; especially in the areas of economic growth, nutrition and food security.

Women in Kenya are underrepresented in decision-making positions.  They also have less access to education, land, and employment.  Those living in rural areas spend long hours collecting water and firewood; interfering with school attendance and leaving them with little time to earn money or engage in other productive activities.

The untapped potential of women and girls is gaining greater attention in Kenya. The country’s new Constitution, passed in 2010, provides a powerful framework for addressing gender equality. It marks a new beginning for women’s rights in Kenya; seeking to remedy the traditional exclusion of women and promote their full involvement in every aspect of growth and development.

When Kenyan women have the freedom to reach their potential, all Kenyan families and communities will grow stronger

Korge Arise is empowering women to exercise their rights as guaranteed by the Constitution.  We are bringing the perspectives of women and girls and their full participation to the frontlines.

Our activities are:

  • Creating safe societies where women and girls can live free from violence;
  • Providing care and treatment services for victims of gender-based violence;
  • Strengthening women’s access to resources and opportunities that will allow them to share more broadly in the benefits of economic growth;
  • Increasing the participation of women in decision and policy-making at all levels;
  • Ensuring women a seat at the table in peace-building, conflict prevention and mitigation; and
  • Narrowing gender gaps in education and learning.



More than 70% of Kenyans, mostly women, derive some of their income agriculture. They grow the food, prepare it, store it, and sell it. In addition to bearing heavy labour burdens on the farm, women also balance household chores and child care responsibilities.

Gender norms hold women back from reaching their maximum potential.   Women have less access than men to credit, markets and training. Males typically control household income and assets, deciding how to allocate and spend the funds earned through their wives’ labour. 

Women, especially those living in rural areas, often depend on land to generate income. Yet, in Kenya, women only own one percent of agricultural land – a small amount considering their crucial contributions to agriculture, food security and nutrition. Women’s lack of ownership and control over land represents one of the widest gender disparities in Kenya.

It was agreed at the end of the training that the Trainers of trainers will reach out to women at the grassroots with the following in mind ;-

  • Identify projects for Korge to help them rise
  • Help them register groups and company’s
  • Network and mobilize women to attend trainings
  • Provide enrolment sheets to carry out census for all women
  • Teach women on how to be self dependant
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27 Jun
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H.E. Hon. Stephen Araap Sang

Governor Stephen Sang is the current Governor of Nandi County, serving his first term following the August 8th 2017 general election.He previously served as the county’s representative to the Senate.

An advocate of the high court and a holder of a Bachelors of Law degree from the University of Nairobi, Sang is a legal expert with interest and experience in governance, democracy and devolution. He is the current chair of the Intergovernmental Relations Committee at the Council of Governors.

Governor Sang is among Kenya’s youngest politicians with an admirable leadership track record.

While at the senate, he served as the chairperson of the Sessional Committee on Delegated Legislation, was the Vice Chairperson of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights and a representative of Kenyan Parliament in the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU).

His legislative record speaks for itself having sponsored a record six bills during a single parliamentary term.

Governor Sang is a firm believer and a champion of transitional justice, a leader who is passionate about addressing historical injustices in the county as well as the rest of the country.

His key agenda as a governor is driven by the desire to transform lives and to provide a platform for every resident to contribute towards the full realization of the great Nandi dream.

His focus is on improving healthcare and providing access to universal healthcare, maintaining good road network in the county’s rural areas for easy access to markets and destinations within Nandi and beyond, improving agricultural productivity and increasing commercialisation of agriculture through value addition,improving education standards, providing affordable housing and accelerating economic growth by putting up industries in the county.

Sang has remained open to noble ideas that will propel the beautiful county of Nandi to the next level by ensuring the successful implementation of the Transformational agenda.

For Governor Sang, the transformation of Nandi County from a region of immense potential to that of abundance remains his ultimate legacy.


Today, we are signing Performance Contracts with the County Executive Committee Members and their respective Chief Officers.

As you are aware, Performance Management is legislated for in the County Government Act, as follows: Section 47 – Performance Management Plan that gives powers to the County Executive Committee to design a performance management plan to evaluate performance of the county public service and implementation of county policies;

Effective performance management is fundamental to the delivery of high quality services. Whilst the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) provides the framework for strategic decision-making and resource allocation, performance management ensures the effective implementation of the strategic objectives, projects, programmes and key initiatives set out in the CIDP.

Therefore, through the PC’s signed today, we now have a mechanism to monitor, review and improve the implementation of the CIDP and to track the progress made.


  • Ensuring increased accountability between my Government and the Citizens of Nandi in delivery of services;
  • Improving service delivery by providing early warning signals with regard to risk or under-performance and allows for timely corrective measures;
  • Facilitating decision-making: that allows for efficient, effective and informed decision-making, particularly on the allocation of resources.

Performance Contracting will be cascaded as follows:-

The County Executive Committee Members (CECM) will sign Performance with their respective Chief Officers.

The objective is to ensure that ALL flagship projects within the Departments are implemented within stipulated time periods. The CECM therefore commit to oversee all processes related to delivery of such projects and their chief Officers will ensure commitment of funds and prudent expenditure of those resources while at the same time upholding quality of work done.

The Third and final Level of Performance Contracting will be between the Chief Officers and their respective Directors who give technical support to the department and ensures all planned activities of the year are fully implemented in accordance with the approved work plan.

All other employees will be put on Performance Appraisal System (PAS) and end year evaluations on their performance will be done.


As you are aware; Section 9 of the Urban Areas and Cities Act, 2011, empowers me as the Governor, on the resolution of the County Assembly, to confer on a qualifying town, the status of a Municipality by grant of a charter.

I am glad that the County Assembly of Nandi approved the motion for conferment of the status of the Municipality on Kapsabet town. This paved way for the grant of the Charter, which was done on the 24th of September, 2018.

Nandi County met the minimum conditions set, and thus has qualified for the Urban Institutional Grant and Urban Development Grant under the Kenya Urban Support Program.

The ‘Nandi County Municipal Charter’ has been gazetted, meaning there are great expectations geared towards transforming the urban areas through proper Urban Planning and Management.

These are the key enablers in achieving quality and affordable housing as a pillar in the Big Four Agenda. This means all efforts by the County Government of Nandi are in place for this achievement.

The conferment of Kapsabet Town as a Municipality will thus achieve various objectives that include:

  • Promotion, regulation and provision of refuse collection and solid Waste Management Services
  • Promotion and Provision of water and sanitation services and infrastructure (in areas within the Municipality not served by a water and sanitation providers)
  • Construction and maintenance of urban roads and associated infrastructure
  • Construction and maintenance of storm drainage and flood controls
  • Construction and maintenance of walkways and other non-motorized transport infrastructure
  • Construction and maintenance of recreational parks and green spaces
  • Construction and maintenance of street lighting
  • Construction, maintenance and regulation of traffic controls and parking facilities
  • Construction and maintenance of bus stands and taxi stands
  • Regulation of outdoor advertising and ensuring that the County Government of Nandi is provided with guidance and capacity building to enable it establish and operate Urban Management Institutions for its urban areas.
  • Construction and maintenance of a fire station, firefighting services, emergency preparedness and disaster management among others.

Consequently, the inauguration of the Kapsabet Municipality Board Members means that residents will now start receiving better services. They will oversee the running of affairs of the municipality and towns in general.

Kapsabet Municipality boundary shall cover locations of Kaptildil, Chepterit, Chemundu, Kamobo, Kiminda, Kipture, Kipsigak and Kabirsang.

May I now congratulate the following who have been appointed to serve as Members of the Kapsabet Municipal Board. They bring on board various competencies, which I believe will transform delivery of quality service to Nandi residents.

Board Members

  1. Dr. Charles Lagat
  2. Mrs Emily Sigot
  3. Mr. Donald Kibet Koros (Representing Persons Living with Disabilities)
  4. Ms. Janet Jeruto (Representing the Youth)
  5. Mr. Kasmir Sang (Representing the Informal Sector/Kiosk Operators Association)
  6. Ms. Aileen J. Laitobir (Representing the Local Urban Forum-Nandi)
  7. Ms. Ruth Cherotich Koech (Representing the Neighborhood Association/Kapsabet Land Owners Association)
  8. Mr. Geoffrey Kiprotich Koros (Representing Professional Associations)
  9. Mr. David Kiptoo Busienei (Representing the Private Sector/Chamber of Commerce)

Municipal Manager

  • David Kimutai Sum

Congratulations and I wish you the very best as you seek to deliver your mandate as the inaugural Kapsabet Municipality Board.

Thank you, God Bless Nandi.



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